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Explorers Vs. Tigers: What We Learned

A quick recap of the Season 5 opener from Noah Underhill


Going into this game a lot of people had the Explorers winning. Everyone overlooked the Tigers as big contenders. And apparently it was valid. The Explorers dominated both sides of the ball after some resistance in the first half. The Tigers had some good stops of their own early in the game but couldn’t keep it up after the Explorers got in a groove.

Lee Wright came out of nowhere to have a pretty solid game for the Tigers and looks to be a regular contributor for the Tigers offense. I expect him to do some things for the them this season along with Bryce Madden.

For the Explorers, we saw a lot of Courtney Mitchell who is one of Coach Nicholson’s favorite signings this off-season. He may finally be the number 2 that CJ Robinson is looking for.

Irvin Roye was another big-time player that surprised and with Former Baron Darius Young, caused a lot of havoc in the secondary. Latavius Austin looked spectacular in his debut and will look to keep defenses honest and make them go man to man.

The big question after this game is are the Explorers really good or are the Tigers really bad? The Explorer’s defense made a lot of plays after the catch and a lot of great plays in general but I don’t think we have seen the best from the Tigers yet.

The big plays by the Explorers defense changed the game, but may not be repeatable every week and against better defenses. And if it wasn’t for several untimely turnovers, this could have been a very different game. I think the future is pretty for both teams but if the Tigers want to be in the running, they will need to pick up some wins by the time they see the Explorers again.


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