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Drew Brewer Dominates in debut for Ohio State

If you saw the game between Oklahoma and Ohio State earlier this week then you probably are familiar with Drew Brewer by now. Also his nickname, The Bear, which was gifted to him by our very own Rob Roby.

Ohio State absolutely dominated the game from start to finish. Oklahome QB Tyler Miller at times looked completely lost against the Buckeye defense and about 75% of the reason was Drew Brewer. His stat line read 10 tackles and 3 sacks, which is a pretty good stat line for anyone, except it just doesn't quite articulate just how dominate he was. On any given play he could be found near the ball, rushing a pass, forcing a throw away, you name it and he did it.

As it stands, DE Drew Brewer is the top prospect heading into the RFL Prospect College series. I'm not sure if it will stay that way all the way through the season but if he can perform half as good as he did this week, he will be hearing his name called very early on draft night next summer. One of his main competitors for top prospect laces them up tonight. QB Marques Washington will be taking the field for the first time as a Florida Gator as they take on the Miami Hurricanes tonight! You can find the game only on the RFL YouTube channel at 8pm et.

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