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MUST READ: This is the Official RFL Coach submission application.

Read carefully, this information is extremely important.


DISCLAIMER: All of our coaches (started in Season 5) will be required to pay $50 per month via Patreon in order to keep their spot in the league.  This also helps cover league expenses which are growing as we continue to grow on YouTube and ensure that the people we bring in are serious about this league.  If you made it this far and are still interested in applying please read the information below before proceeding to the application.

You have a Playstation 5


Own the current edition of Madden 

Be at least 18 years old

Have STRONG knowledge of any type of general manager/coaching tools available in Madden franchise mode

Have knowledge of the league and individual teams in both the ARC and NRC

Be able to commit time to the league via discord, social media presence and live stream chat

If all of these things are something you possess or can handle then please click the button below to move on to the application. 

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