MUST READ: This is the Official RFL Coach submission application.

Read carefully, this information is extremely important.


This is the Official application you must fill out in order to be considered for a head coaching position in the RFL.  Before you fill this application out, make sure you match the criteria below: 


All of our coaches (started in Season 5) will be required to pay a $10 monthly fee to the league - this helps with paying for things like the website you're on now, the Daddy Leagues we use to track our stats and to ensure we have serious coaching candidates coming into our league that we know will have an investment into it. 

You will need to have a PlayStation 4 (PS5 will be needed by 2022) 


Own the current edition of Madden 

Be at least 18 years old


If you check all of those boxes, please fill in the questions below and we will review your application.  The second part of this process is having an interview through discord in a Voice Call with the RFL Front Office Staff.  

I can guarantee this is unlike any league you have been apart of before. 


By joining us and helping us grow we are looking to bring this to the front pages of every gaming forum and YouTube search we can in hopes of making this a full on business!

Official RFL Coach Application