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Playoff Schedule


**click games for video**

Wild Card Round

Saturday 6/1/19 4pm- Chicago Cougars @ Columbus Aviators

Saturday 6/1/19 8pm- Dublin Shamrocks @ Houston Gunners

Sunday 6/2/19 4pm- Orlando Sentinels @ Mexico City Conquistadors

Sunday 6/2/19 8pm- Columbus Explorers @ Portland Snowhawks

Divisional Round

Saturday 6/8/19 4pm- Chicago Cougars @ Brooklyn Bulls

Saturday 6/8/19 8pm- Houston Gunners @ San Antonio Marshalls

Sunday 6/9/19 4pm- Mexico City Conquistadors @ Toronto Huskies

Sunday 6/9/19 8pm- Columbus Explorers @ Toronto Thunderbirds

Conference Round

Saturday 6/15/19 8pm- Chicago Cougars @ Toronto Huskies

Sunday 6/16/19 8pm- Houston Gunners @ Toronto Thunderbirds

Pro Bowl

Sunday 6/24/19 4pm- NFC vs. AFC ( 2 parts, stream outage)

Part 1

Part 2

Relocation Bowl

Saturday 6/30/19 8pm- Toronto Huskies vs. Toronto Thunderbirds

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