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Community Updates

**links to pages/applications

*Do you enjoy watching RFL Football? Have you thought about joining this growing league? If so, we have coaching positions open! Our coaches are required to be 18+, own a PS4 and also Madden 20.  Check out the RFL Teams page to see which teams are up for grabs and send in your application before there are no spots left! 

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*With the NCAA series under way we are not accepting new player applicants now.  However, we will begin taking applications once the regular season starts in January.  Make sure to keep up with our announcements so you don't miss your chance at submitting a player for the RFL draft!


*The Discord that we have will be reserved from here on out for staff, active players, active prospects.  We are no longer allowing just anyone into the server seeing as it has led to some problems.  We will be updating the website regularly so you will not miss anything about the RFL.

* What would you like to see the RFL do during the offseason to keep content flowing on the channel? Let us know by connecting with us through email and tell us what you want to see the RFL do!

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