State Of The Franchise-Brooklyn Bulls


Man, last season was amazing to say the least. Coming in as a new coach in week 3 was throwing me into the wolves’ den with a piece of meat and seeing if I could survive. Well, we did and finished 12-3-1 and won our division. It was not as simple as our record indicated. Spending time finding the right mix in playbooks was the hardest part.


I wanted to make sure that David Jones got his touches without feeling like he was the only go to in our offense. Defense wise, we had the best defense I believe. We held teams in rushing and you couldn’t find lanes against us. So, going into the season in week 3 all I wanted was to show that I can be a legit coach and that I am not a flash in the pan. I want to be the best, I want to beat the best and I want to someday be remembered as someone who was a great coach. The players were amazing. Layne Kerney quarterbacking the offense was a treat to watch. David Jones showing the RFL just what this kid can do week in and week out was absolutely amazing. Griffen Kashama and Zach Freeney along with Sedrick Marts in the receiving game was a treat as well.  On defense, Dereck Herrera was a beast and showed he’s a superstar player week in and week out.


The Divisional round playoff game against the Chicago Cougars was not our best game and tip your cap to Chicago for a great game plan. We were just flat in that game and maybe it was all the work that built up to that. Being a rookie head coach that is on me, I should have had the guys prepared better and going forward I will learn from this and I will move on from it. We will probably play that Chicago Cougars game before training camp opens. This offseason I wanted to focus on bringing everyone back. We signed Quarterback Layne Kerney for 6 years. That will keep in Brooklyn for his career. He deserved it after a fabulous season. Everyone else was brought back except a few guys at the end of the roster.


I did want to make some changes and bring in competition for the guys that maybe haven’t experienced competition. Going into the Season 5 draft I really had no areas of need necessarily. I could use guys at every position except Quarterback and Running Back. Everywhere else I can use depth. Offensive line will be an area where I bring some talent in especially with how I see talent at the offensive line spots. Going into Season 5 the expectations for the Brooklyn Bulls is that we are one of the top teams now. We are not going to surprise anyone like we did last year. We have the pieces in place to make another run for seasons to come. I just need to make sure the playbooks are set up and that our guys are in the right spots come game time.    

Written By: Jeff Melinyshyn