RFL Vault: A Bulldog Cinderella Story



The London Bulldogs barely got into the Season 1 RFL Playoffs with a late season playoff push led by then Rookie QB Timmy Merritt.  Going into the playoffs everyone was already counting them out, predicting the championship game to be River Hogs vs. Celtic Tigers.  Everybody thought they would be a first round exit to the Chicago Cougars who had the #1 defense in the league at the time. 


Against the Cougars in the wildcard everyone seemed to be right about them, they were virtually shut down in every area being held to only 6 points going into the 4th quarter.  It was 6-6 when the Cougars got off to a run and extended their lead to 16-6 with 2 minutes left in the game.  The next drive Timmy Merritt led the Bulldogs down the field and hit HB Griffin Troupe on a 20+ yd TD, bringing the deficit to 16-13.  They got another stop to give them a chance at a late comeback.  The Bulldogs then drove down the field again and with 30 seconds left in the game Timmy Merritt hit WR Yates for the game winning TD. 


After beating the Cougars in the Wildcard they faced the #2 ranked River Hogs and everyone was expecting a River Hogs blow out, but it was the total opposite, the Bulldogs almost shut out the MVP and The River Hogs beating them 27-7. Then in the Relocation Bowl they convincingly demolished the #1 team in the RFL the Celtic Tigers, thus winning the championship in the most impressive way, the ultimate under dog story.

Written By: Justin Jones