RFL Draft: Rounds 2 & 3

The 2nd and 3rd round dropped last night and i think a lot of fans were surprised by just how much talent was left in these rounds.  starting caliber players are still being found as we head into day 3 of the RFL Draft.  Below are the picks for both rounds.  Dont miss the final 4 rounds tonight! How many high quality guys are left? who are you cheering on to get picked? *1 pick is missing in 2nd round because Voyagers forfeited there 2nd round pick*


33. Dreadnoughts: Mike Mart WR

34. Snowhawks (via Barons): Dre’Mont Deere CB

35. Black Knights: Saqoun Lattimore CB

36. Pioneers: Phaoraoh Reignz II WR

37. Steamers: Bob Stevens MLB

38. Monarchs: Zachary Bates FS

39. Lancers: Trey Mcleland WR

40. Barons (via Diablos): Demaurie Sparks CB

41. Crusaders: Gabe Looney CB

42. River Hogs: Brent Harrison RE

43. Red Dragons: Tom Schaffer LT

44. Elks: Cameron Ross CB

45. Bulldogs: Ike Page SS

46. Cougars (via Celtic Tigers): Ashlin Boyd HB

47. Armadillos: Quinn Thomas LG

48. Condors: Franklin Mathis DT

49. Tigers: Hunter Jones Wr

50. Desperados: Nehemiah McCardell ROLB

51. Shamrocks: Saeed Gore HB

52. Bisons: Crosby Eddins RT

53. Aviators: Keith Ross LT

54. Sentinels: Brady Knight MLB

55. Snowhawks: Dexter Moss RG

56. Conquistadors: Dion Spencer DT

57. Explorers: Adrian Taylor WR

58. Marshalls: Tyree Fletcher DT

59. Bulls: Carlos Luzon WR

60. Cougars: John Bastige QB

61. Gunners: Franklin Basnight DT

62. Thunderbirds: Rashawn Mcintosh C

63. Huskies: Jason Provost LT


65. Dreadnoughts: Matt Francisco LG

66. Lancers (via Barons): Tripp Bruce III FB

67. Black Knights: Olumbi Eze RE

68. Pioneers: James Harrow CB

69. Diablos (via Steamers): Madison Axel HB

70. Monarchs: Kenny Summer MLB

71. Barons (via Lancers): LE Tristan Van Rhee

72. Diablos: Cory Vickerson ROLB

73. Crusaders: Vincent Woodson DT

74. Bulldogs: Tyler Keltner DT

75. River Hogs: Tequill Amerstead RE

76. Red Dragons: LaMichael Dean DT

77. Elks: Mark Albaney TE

78. Bulldogs: Willis Savage ROLB

79. Celtic Tigers: Hayden Jean Charles TE

80. Armadillos: Michael Kelly MLB

81. Condors: Jericho McBride MLB

82. Tigers: Isaiah Mosley LE

83. Desperados: Nick Firestorm HB

84. Shamrocks: Josh McCollum DT

85. Bisons: Raysean Vaughn FS

86. Aviators: Ashley Freeman ROLB

87. Sentinels: Bronson McBride ROLB

88. Snowhawks: Marquise Washington CB

89. Red Dragons (via Conquistadors): Morgan Weaver TE

90. Explorers: Miles Bogg LG

91. Marshalls: Sean Acosta WR

92. Bulls: Trent Hobbs FS

93. Cougars: Parker Palmer CB

94. Gunners: Douglas Sankey MLB

95. Gunners (via Thunderbirds): Marcus Young WR

96. Huskies: Mitchell McIntyre RT

Bill Nicholson