1st Round Of The RFL Draft

The RFL draft kicked off last night and we saw 32 rookies get their name called, it was a great presentation by Commissioner Smitty and a great atmosphere in the live chat with over 80 people in attendance for the premiere.  Here is the selections if you missed out on the video, also if you want to see the ratings of the players make sure to watch the video i posted above! 

1. Dreadnoughts: Aiden Mihill LT

2. Lancers: (via Barons): FS Cole McAnally

3. Black Knights: Thomas Brown RT

4. Pioneers: Matt Reynolds MLB

5. Steamers: Nahshon Richardson DT

6. Monarchs: Jordan Williamson LG

7. Barons (Via Lancers): Maur “Cheeseburger” Rivers DT

8. Snowhawks (Via Diablos): Jacob McDonald HB

9. Crusaders: Nicholas Jenkins MLB

10. Voyagers: Leio Stephens RT

11. River Hogs: Freddie McCalister CB

12. Red Dragons: Anthony Savoy QB

13. Elks: Tyrone Johnson LOLB

14. Bulldogs: Shane Masters MLB

15. Celtic Tigers: Keylo Austin CB

16. Armadillos: Chad Heath Jr LOLB

17. Steamers: Caden Blair CB

18. Diablos: William Yost RE

19. Desperados: Tyler Conley RE

20. Shamrocks: Xavier Richwalski CB

21. Bisons: Joseph Torres QB

22. Aviators: David Pierre DT

23. Sentinels: Jared Briggs ROLB

24. Snowhawks: Aurel Brown DT

25. Conquistadors: Derek Oliveros SS

26. Explorers: Jason Henderson RE

27. Marshalls: Cam Horwood C

28. Bulls: Devante Dean RG

29. Cougars: Phillip Jones CB

30. Gunners: Seth Fisk RG

31. Steamers (via Thunderbirds): Diego Lizzaraga Jr DE

32. Huskies: Hudson Johnson TE

What picked surprised you? who do you think won the first round? who lost? let us know in the comment section on the video above and tune in for the rest of the draft! 

Bill Nicholson