Q&A With HB Ricky Flores


We asked newly signed Houston Gunners Running Back Ricky Flores if we can ask him about his journey from being Undrafted to now a feature back in the Houston Gunners Backfield. Ricky gratefully accepted the request of an interview and gave us full in depth answers to our questions. Now we take a look of what it was like for Ricky to go undrafted to now a feature back on the Houston Gunners Roster.


Question 1:  Why did you leave early from the University of Maryland to declare for the Season 3 RFL Draft?  

“Well it was after my Junior season where I had to make the choice to go pro or finish out my Senior season. I chose to go pro because I wanted to help my family out by getting them a house and a car so they can live out the rest of their lives in peace. I felt going pro would help fulfill my dream of getting my dad and mom a house. That’s why I made the decision to go pro.”

Question 2: What were you doing the night of the draft?

“My parents threw a draft day party for me with all my family and friends there. We all waited to see my name get called, but it will never happen. My parents could see the disappointment in my face because I felt like I failed them. I worked so hard at a dream hoping the opportunity would come to play in the RFL which would help me fulfill that promise I made as a kid to my parents that I would take care of them. It was a tough night but I remembered one thing my dad told me. He would tell me this is your opportunity to prove people wrong. He said that a team will pick me up, but just be ready when the opportunity comes because it can make or break you. I took what my dad said and used it as motivation.”


Question 3: How did you end up with the Sacramento Condors?

“The day after the draft I was at the gym doing my early morning workout before I start packing to go back to Maryland to finish college until my phone starts to buzz. So I picked it up and the caller ID said Sacramento, CA. I had no idea who it was so I picked it up and the caller said hello is this Mr. Flores. I said yeah and the caller continued to give me information that the Sacramento Condors want to sign me to an Undrafted Rookie Deal. They told me a plane is already on its way to pick me up and I had about an hour to get ready. So I rushed out the gym and tell my parents the good news while I packed for the trip. I gave my family hugs and went on to the Airport to start my RFL career.”


Question 4: How was your journey for the 2 seasons you spent in Sacramento?

“It was fun but not easy journey. Being sign as an undrafted rookie you don’t get a lot and you are expected to not make a big impact. I lived in an apartment for the last two seasons just saving up my paychecks. As an undrafted rookie especially in California you would not get recognized as an RFL player. So I had to make plays in the Preseason and play that role as a backup Running Back. Then one game our starting Running got hurt and that was my chance to show the world what kid from Massachusetts got. I took every carrier like it was my last and made the best out of my opportunity. I earned the second string spot after that season. I would say that was the season that really put me on the radar for teams. Then My second season was better than my rookie season. I put up numbers that people didn’t expect an undrafted rookie. I did what my dad told my, be ready for the opportunity when it comes because it could make or break me. I was not going to let this opportunity break me.”


Question 5: What happened during the offseason with the Condors?

“The answer is simple, although it's the sport we love it is still a business. The Condors didn’t need my services anymore so they released me. I wasn’t mad about because I know this was an opportunity to go to a team that is looking for that one Running Back that can make plays. I thanked the Condors Organization for giving me the opportunity that started off my career on the right foot.”

Question 6: How did you end up with the Houston Gunners?

“Well I got a call from the Houston Gunners Rep. and we scheduled an interview. When I walked through the Gunners Facility I just felt at home. For me feeling at home is important because I’m from Mass. and I’ve been everywhere from going to college in Maryland to playing two seasons in Sacramento. The owner and coaches of the Gunners Organization really made me feel comfortable and they were hitting all the points that made me feel confident to choose Houston as my home.”


Question 7: What did you do with your first paycheck?

“Well first I said that was the most zeros I’ve seen in my life, but to really answer your question I bought my parents a house and I got myself a bigger more homey feeling apartment and I donated to the local Boys & Girls Club. It's better to give than to receive because you could be helping someone else in need. That's what I’ve been doing, I’m not really a big spender I like to save up so my future family can be good in the future. You know, send the kids to college, get a house and get a family car.”

Question 8: What would you say to the Gunners fans?

“I would tell them that I can’t wait to wear that G on my helmet. I would also add that you will 200% given on the field nothing less and Let's Go Gunners Nation.”


Question 9: Here is the big question people have been talking about. Do you think you can Rush for over 1,000 yards this upcoming season?

  “Oh yeah I am very confident that I can Rush for 1,000 yards. I’m always up to take on a challenge and this is one of them. If I do break a 1,000 yards this upcoming season you guys would have to thank the O-Line and Fullback first because they are the ones setting up the blocks for me. I am very confident in those guys, that's why I’m confident I can reach 1,000 yards.”


Question 10:  Last question, if you have anything to say to the next rookie class that are coming what would you tell them? 

“No matter what round you go or if you are drafted or not be ready for the opportunity when it comes because like my dad told me it can make or break you so give it your all and never lose hope. God Bless You Guys.”


We have finished a great interview with new Gunners Running Back Ricky Flores and we wish the best of luck this upcoming season. Now we got to know a little bit more about Ricky Flores fans would be on there seats rooting for Ricky to hit that mark of a 1,000 Rush yards. That's all from the Houston News 5 and we hope you all have a good day and good night.

Written by: Devon Flores