Prospect Spotlight-WR Carlos Luzon


The Story of Carlos Luzon is one that you'll remember for a life time.  Carlos grandmother grew up in the Dominican Republic but at 21 she moved to Virginia where she met Carlos grandfather.  Carlos was always close with his family.  Heading into Junior year of High School he stood only 5'4 which put him at a disadvantage for scholarships, by the time his senior season came up he had reach 5'10 183 pounds.  Only problem was that by this time he missed the chance to make a name and be heavily recruited early.  Carlos told himself he was going to be the best WR in Virginia and he got very close to doing just that, ended up becoming a 4 star prospect and being the 3rd best WR in Virginia statistically.  Carlos got his first call from James Madison, the phone didn't stop ringing  once the first one came, getting calls from Pitt and Texas A&M. By the time it had come to signing day, Carlos received 12 D1 offers and 4 D1 AA schools so he had 16 teams that wanted him but he always knew which one he wanted.  Carlos loved the Miami Hurricanes since he was a young boy so when they offer him a scholarship he almost said yes on the spot.  Thankfully his mother stopped him before he got the rest of his offers.  A few days before signing day Carlos brother got in an accident, he was helping out some buddies move some furniture when it slipped going upstairs.  He broke his leg and fell into a Coma for two days which scared Carlos terribly. But he still needed to commit, the signing day arrived and Carlos had decided he would attend the University of Miami. When fall camp started Carlos was 5'11 and 185, while at Miami, he broke the NCAA receiving yards record while attending Miami University and also won ACC offensive player of the year along with that award. Carlos had also won the ACC WR of the year. He looks to tear up RFL when he is drafted.

Written by: Carlos Luzon