The Pride Of Dublin


The city of Dublin in Ireland is a beautiful city with great landmarks, a few great pubs, and of course 2 beloved football teams. On one side you have the Celtic Tigers and on the other, the Shamrocks. Both of the franchises are very proud of their organizations, but one of them feels that they are overlooked by the entire RFL and that's the Shamrocks. Entering this season, the Shamrocks were looking for answers on all aspects of the team. The organization set out to find a coach that can turn this franchise into a winning franchise and put the RFL on notice.


They interviewed quite a few candidates, but they sought out one in particular. One coach that walked away from the game due to personal matters. They felt in their hearts that this coach can make a difference..that coach being Coach Steve Forsey.  Coach Forsey use to coach the Condors back in Season 2, but walked away from the game. He thought that he would never get the opportunity to coach again in the RFL, but the stars aligned giving way to an opportunity like never before. Coach Forsey gladly accepted the job as the Head Coach of the Shamrocks. He knew the task ahead and wasted no time getting down to business.


He approached the draft knowing 2 things: 1. The defense needed just a few things to come full circle and 2. The offense needed to be addressed immediately! He looked over the prospects, got with the scouts, and formulated what he thought was the best draft board he can come up with. As the RFL draft approached, the Shamrocks were ready to make waves and turn heads.  Coach Forsey and the Shamrocks drafted 3 rookie WRS that immediately made impacts on the field. Those 3 rookies were: Roland Woods, Nicolas Andrews, and Levi Marts. All 3 of these players contributed in big ways and giving QB Tom Wilson some help he needed on offense. They also drafted Maverick Hanson, in which, played huge in the preseason and could have battled Tom for his starting job. On defense, they drafted 3 LBS to help that linebacker core. Their names are: Demario Waters, Matt Polizzi, & K.C. Cherry. These players paved the way to help the defense have a solid linebacker core and push the defense to the limit it needs to be. 


With all the prospects they drafted and Coach Forsey being new to the organization, he managed to take them to a winning record of 10-6 and giving them their first ever playoff birth in franchise history. They fell short in the Wildcard Round to the Gunners 25-24, but they know what they must do going into the offseason. They know what they need to do to get to that next level they need to be. The city of Dublin is proud of both franchises and with the way the season went fot the Shamrocks, they feel that finally, FINALLY, they put the RFL on notice. They are looking to make a difference in seasons to come.  

Written By: Steve Forsey