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Rookie WR out of USC Promoted in Chicago.

Chadoy Boleyjack has been activated as the #2 WR in Chicago. Veteran WR Tavon Bryson has been moved back to the slot. Bryson, age 29, and while still being a respected veteran will be going back to his original formations in the slot and will come in at #2 to give Chadoy breathers.

However, the Cougars who see the Big Cheese as the future, are anxious to get him the desired reps he needs before the seasons end. The Cougars feel they have not seen much success out of Bryson this season due his low morale and issues playing his new position, but some believe he will come around and is better suited for Gino if he is in the slot.

The Cougars are also working in rookie WR Jiovanni Tasker out of LSU and rookie WR Desean Jones out of Miami to make up for the “speed and physical play we have been missing this season” said Coach Roby. Roby went on to rant an rave about the energy that Tasker and Jones bring to the WR core. Chicago has lacked establishing a consistent offense this season so far and Roby stated “I’m tired of feeling up against the ropes; we gotta start fighting back. The defense has been phenomenal, but I need playmakers on offense that are aggressive and athletic to take the pressure off of my defense.

The Cougars also went back to the Philly playbook that they used the last two seasons. Coach Roby hopes to find a spark to get the show on the road——and literally!

After this week at home versus the London Blackknights; the Cougars will be on the road against the Bulls; Aviators; Huskies, and Pioneers. at 7-4 and with just 1 game left to lose; the Cougars are on the cusp of being eliminated from the post season here in Season 7. Can they make a turn around this season? Stay Tuned… #paws #pawsup #leaguefirst #rfl #franchisemode #simulation #esports #easports #esport #football #relocationfootballleague

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