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Noah's Wild Card Weekend Predictions

Wild Card Weekend. It is a big wake me up from the usual monotony that is week 17. I mean really only like 3 games matter. And this is where it all begins. This isn’t the Bisons vs Armidillios in week 16, it’s the RFL Playoffs. So here is what I think will happen this wildcard weekend. Congratulations guys, we made it.


Red Dragons Vs Sentinels This is an interesting game for many reasons. We all know the past history of rookie QBs in the playoffs and we will have to see in Anthony Savoy will be the next one to follow that path. DeAndre Wilkins was that guy once upon a time and maybe he wants to get back to the promised land. But if I was asked to bet on something, it would be the Red Dragons defense that we have heard about time and time again. As the saying goes, defense wins championships and one of the best defenses of all time is sitting here in front of me. I would love to pick Coach Armstrong and the team that he has built but it’s time for the Dragon to lit them up. Red Dragons 24, Sentinals 20


Bulls Vs Cougars It’s Deja vu all over again. This time we get the Cougars Vs Bulls a week early with the Wild Card weekend being the stage for this epic battle. Both teams have great all-around teams but I think it will come down to the play of Layne Kerney. He is the one variable in this whole thing. If he is at his MVP level it will be a different story but against a rock-solid Chi-Town D, I don’t see it happening.I’m predicting lightning will strike twice and the Cougars will be moving on. Cougars 20, Bulls 14


Steamers Vs Lancers Many people will write off this game because of how bad the Lancers have played down the stretch but I think there is still a chance that we get a pretty good matchup. The Lancers, for all of their flaws, still have a talented offense that will give the Steamers problems. But the Steamers have an underrated offense of their own and Reed Wagner should be able to find the holes in the Lancers D. If the Steamers can stay strong on the line the should get the wins here. Steamers 38, Lancers 28


Crusaders Vs Explorers Did you see that Explorers game last week? Wow it was really great. Irrelevant but great. Anyway, I don’t see the Explorers dunking on the Cru but I do expect them to win. Call it my bias but I don’t think the Cru have the defensive personnel to stop CJ and the rest of the gang. Wakefield is great but he won’t be enough against the superior team that loves boats. I will be taking my team as far as they will take me. Explorers 38, Crusaders, 24


What do you think of my picks? I’m sure this will all be wrong but I gave it my best shot. Let me know what you think.

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