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Draft Spotlight: Jermaine Taylor

Highlights provided by: DeLo


The Jermaine Taylor was not only the best defensive tackle in the college series but can be argued as the best player in the entire college series last year. Taylor was a matchup nightmare all season against opposing offensive linemen as guards and tackles could not figure out how to stop this menace of a defensive tackle. With Taylor standing 6'3 320 pounds he is the perfect size for a do it all defensive tackle in the RFL. He would finish his senior season with a record 30 sacks as well as 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 49 tackles, and 5 tackles for loss. Even with Jermaine Taylor being as dominate as he was in college he will need to evolve his game for the RFL if he does not want to be relegated as a situational pass rusher. While Taylor was eating against every team he played by racking up sacks he struggled a lot with shedding blocks against the run. This Bulldog is a player that will be taken inside the top 10 because no franchise can just pass on this kind of game changing pass rush potential.

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