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BREAKING NEWS: HB Sanchez Lawrence traded to Crusaders

The Brooklyn Barons have swung yet another trade this offseason, this time it was to move on from their 1,000 yard rusher from last season, Sanchez Lawrence. He was sent to the San Diego Crusaders in exchange for a 2nd round pick that will see him join forces with Vondray Bryson.


Lawrence filled in for Kenny Steele early on and ran his way to 1,068 yards and 10 touchdowns for 19th in rushing in the RFL. Despite the success he had last season, HC Roland Woods made it clear from day one that Steele was the no. 1 rusher for the Barons. This didn't sit well with Lawrence since he felt that his play showed he was capable of a more established role with the team.

With Lawrence unhappy and the Barons looking for more draft capital to help build a new identity, it was only fitting that a trade like this was on the horizon for both parties. HC Woods had this to say regarding the trade, "Though we are sad to see Sanchez Lawrence leave, we believe both sides have come to an agreement that will help us grow, not only this year, but for the future. We wish him the best in San Diego."

The main question after this big trade today is what happens to Lawrence in San Diego? giving up a 2nd round pick is not a small price to pay for a player with how many great prospects we have seen come out of the RFL Draft. I wonder what Vondray Bryson has to say about it? Let's let the pieces fall into place over the next few weeks and see if anything comes from the Crusaders and/or Bryson himself regarding the trade.

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