C.J. Robinson-What Almost Wasn't



CJ Robinson may be the best of all time.  There have not been many players to do what he has done since he came into the league.  And he has taken it to another level this year but it could have been a whole different story.  During his Senior season in high school, CJ was arrested for resisting arrest and a DUI,and it wasn't the first time either.  He was out partying with some of his football teammates and when he got pulled over he was caught by surprise. He went to a juvenile detention center for a few months and while there he had time to think about his life and where he wanted to go. He was a young kid from San Diego with a girlfriend and a baby girl on the way that he had to provide for.  All of his college scholarships were long gone now.  Was it even worth it to keep trying to make it in football?  He had all the talent in the world but what good is talent if you aren't on the field?  So he decided he would be on that field no matter what. 


He got his second chance at Los Angeles City Community College where he played QB where to nobodies surprise he was amazing. He was the best dual threat QB in the Conference and broke every school record on the way to a championship.  His legs weren't his only weapon though, CJ's arm was something that could be depended on in tight spots.  He wasn't without faults but he was great none the less.  No one could stop CJ and the Tigers, but that was expected.  The only thing that would keep CJ out of Div 1 would be what he did off the field.  He knew he needed to show the schools that his time in jail had changed him.  He wasn't the same kid that walked in those doors.  He was a man now.  CJ became a major part of his community volunteering at a local homeless shelter and the Boys and Girls Club.  A few colleges were impressed.  He got walk on opportunity's from two PAC 12 schools in Cal and UCLA but he ultimately decided to go to UCLA to be closer to his new found family.


The only problem with that was the fact that UCLA already had a QB... several of them.  His coaching staff told him he wouldn't see the field for a while and that he should move to receiver.  CJ was just happy to be getting this opportunity so he did it and it paid off handsomely.  As a true sophomore CJ came in and started the last 10 games and came out of nowhere to have over 2,000 yards and 31 TDs.  He placed 2nd in the heisman and led UCLA to the Rose Bowl.  Junior year was more of the same except he won the heisman and this time won the National championship.  He was on top of the world.  No receiver has had as good of a 2 year run as CJ Robinson. He declared for the Draft and was taken 8th overall by the Explorers and he didn't stop producing.  He was a pro bowler his rookie year and was part of a great Explorers offense that made a playoff run. And now in his 3rd year he is second in receiving yards with 1303 going into week 17.  He also leads the RFL in receiving TDs with 19.  There is no question that CJ is one of the best players on the field at all times. Only time will tell if he will be declared the GOAT.

Written By: Noah Underhill