The Memphis Steamers are one of the surprise teams in the RFL this year thanks to Head Coach Justin Jones.  After an offseason which saw them trade away generational talent and dismantle the core of the team at the drop of a hat, many thought that it was total rebuild time.  At the time the team was led by Coach Shelby who had a different vision for the team that many did not agree with.  Jones, a Memphis native, was there earlier in the offseason when all of the changes were taking place.  The 2 did not see eye to eye on a lot of decisions with the current HC wanting to do a full deconstruction and fresh start of the current roster, while Jones was looking for more of a building from the current foundation approach.  This led to Jones being let go and without a job heading towards the latter part of the offseason. 


Memphis was left scrambling for an answer after Coach Shelby suddenly decided to step down as coach leaving the team in shambles and no direction to follow.  Luckily they were not left stranded for long, Jones got word that his former boss had stepped away and immediately made a phone call to inquire about a reunion.  Soon after Justin Jones was named the new Head Coach of the Memphis Steamers.  Once Jones stepped foot into the role as head coach he immediately began brainstorming ideas to get this team back to a fully functioning organization that could still compete this year.  Luckily Jones still had his man under center with QB Reed Wagoner, One of the moves that Jones was able to make while working for the former coach.  Now he needed to get Wagoner some help, which he did when he made headlines across the league acquiring superstar RB Miles Kerrigan from the Diablos then signing surprise free agent WR Derek Hix to surround Wagoner with some viable weapons.  

Because of these moves and the scheme that HC Justin Jones has implemented into the team the Steamers are currently fighting for a playoff spot and are still within reach of winning their division with a little bit of help.  To the outsider reading this, you may think "What is so impressive about being a wild card team?" and you would be justified in asking that question.  But for those that were here for the crazy offseason that the RFL gave us and witnessed the dismantling of the Memphis Steamers first hand... the fact that the Steamers are sitting within reach of a possible division title after not winning a single RFL game last season is beyond impressive in my book.  

Written By: Justin Jones


Memphis Steamers: Overcoming The Odds