If It Ain't Broke, Dont Fix It

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The Orlando Sentinels have been one of the power teams in the RFL this season yet again.  That is not something that is a surprise to anyone around the building or the league for that matter.  They made it to the Relocation Bowl last year behind the same gameplan that they have been implementing this year.  So when they entered the stadium to play the Cougars they expected a very different outcome then the one they got.  If you ask Head Coach Tor Armstrong, there was no one to blame but himself.  

Coach Armstrong blames himself for the loss against the Cougars. "There's no one else to blame. I changed the offensive play book as well as the scheme. I didn't give my boys a fair chance at winning this game. They played damn good under the circumstances. It was a close game until the end. But, they didn't have enough time or practice with what I came in the game with. I will not stand by and let the blame fall on them. They did what they're paid to do, listen to me. I have a lot of making up to do. We still have a good chance of finishing this season off with a high seed going into the playoffs! Yes, I'm very confident that we will be in the playoffs. Where we seed is the only question left to be answered. I have a bowl quality team and I plan on using their talent on every level. I will not make it easy for another opponent to walk over us! Just know I'm giving you their best every time they walk on the field from now on! " said Coach Armstrong.

He's very upset with himself about his decisions he made last week.  When speaking to him he made it aware that the plan this week is to shut down Dre Shivers, he feels that if they can control the run game on defense that they can control the tempo on offense.  One thing is for sure with the playoffs coming, Coach Armstrong is dead set on getting back to the basics.

Written By: Tor Armstrong