MUST READ: This is the Official RFL player submission application.

Read carefully, this information is extremely important.


In order to have a player added into our High School series you MUST

Fill the application out completely.  An application that is turned in but not completed will be disregarded.


Each player application must contain a one time $5 entry fee.

There are different options for payment, and again, if an application is submitted without payment the app will be disregarded.

You are only allowed ONE player a season, and you are not allowed to create a player for someone - this allows everyone a chance to have a starting role in the college series and helps with player representation in our discord server.


All entries are final, if you are not sure you plan on keeping this player in the draft then think about it first before payment because all submissions are final and non-refundable.  


If you have questions on anything, you can send us a message in the chat below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Ways to have an application not be considered complete are as FOLLOWS:

1. Having a player name that is not realistic.  We WILL NOT accept any outlandish, racist, sexist or offensive names into our draft pool. Keep in mind that former and present NFL player names can disqualify your application as well, unless it is a very common name.


Last but definitely not least...

2. We ask for 8 attributes to form your player build how you want. Those 8 must be filled out and correct for your application to be accepted. If you are unsure what attributes you should choose then please refer to Madden 20 for a guide on your player attributes for the position you want to play.


Example of how the attributes should be laid out and what we expect.

You should have:

1 attribute for 80

3 attributes for 75

4 attributes for 70.

NO SPEED OR ACCELERATION can be used for these ratings

Progression will be a determined using the Madden Franchise progression system.  No player will have a dev trait or X-Factors unless they earn them through their play.

Power Back example:


75-Trucking | 75-Break Tackle | 75-Ball Carry Vision,

70-Awareness | 70-Carry |  70-Stiff Arm | 70-Strength

If your attributes do not look like this, we reserve the right to determine it an incomplete application. We have these

rules in place because in the past people would make players randomly without any thought and would leave us trying to guess how to make the player which led to problems and hold ups in the process. Again if you have any questions, do not be afraid to message us in the "Lets Chat" box at the bottom of your screen. 

If you do not want to play in the High School series, you can still apply for the RFL College Series at a later date, but those who take the High School route will get priority.


We are only taking 24 QBs it is first come first serve,


All Games will not be Streamed


No games will have commentary until Playoffs


At this time we expect half the 10 game season to be simmed where only stats will be recorded, no Game footage

Thank you for signing up with the Relocation Football League! We're excited to see what kind of player you are!

Official RFL High School Prospect Application

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