10 Free Agents That Should Be Signed Before The Start Of Season 5.

Written By: Noah Underhill

Noah Underhill picks up where he left off with another rankings list.  This time he is giving us his top 10 players that he feels should be signed to an RFL team before the beginning of the season.  Below is his list and also the reason he feels each player could be a positive impact for a team this year.

10. Vasty Rodenhauser, Linebacker (age 25, ?? ovr, both)-

-Character concerns aside, Vasty is a good player.  He is still very young and was one of the best rookies in his class.  We are still unsure whether he will be reliable, he has been away from the league for awhile and whats to say he wasn't a flash in the pan in season 2? He is an interesting player to watch and one that should be signed, but kept on a short leash until further notice.


9. Marquis Cash, Defensive End (age 26, 76 ovr, AFC)-

Cash is one of the best athletes on the defensive line.  He has outstanding speed and solid strength for his position but could use some work on his techniques and moves when engaged with a blocker.  Luckily, those things can be improved with a solid coach.  At 26, Cash has plenty of time to develop and possesses the athleticism that you just cant teach.


8. Roland Crawford, Wide Receiver (age 23, 72 ovr, both)-

Crawford stands tall at 6'4 and is one of the hardest working players around the league.  He is by far a raw talent but has the upside to really develop into a solid contributor if given the right situation.  He excels in the short yardage catches and red-zone targets because of his solid frame.  Bottom line is that he is a guy that needs a shot to prove to the league that he is not just a gym rat.


7. Bernard Beck, Offensive Tackle (age 22, 73 ovr, NFC)-

It is incredible that Beck is still available right now.  he is solid in both pass pro and run blocking with quality strength and acceleration.  The rookie out of Cincinnati was a starter for the Bearcats all four years he was there.  He could be someone's left tackle of the future if he gets his shot.

6. Robey Havner, Defensive Tackle (age 28, 84 ovr, AFC)-

Havner is very good at what he does.  The monster disrupter makes O-linemen think about him on every play.  He can rush the passer and stuff the run.  A well balanced rotational talent for any team.  


5. Zach Rosen, Quarterback (age 21, 70 ovr, AFC)-

Zach Rosen is a guy that never really got a shot.  After making a fuss to get traded he landed in Houston with the Voyagers where he was shut out of competing by a coach that was in over his head.  He was released after another QB was drafted the following year.  There has to be a reason that he was a 1st round pick and i think a team needs to take a shot on him this year, could still be a solid prospect.


4. Luke Trent, Quarterback (age 32, 84 ovr, AFC)-

Trent may not get his opportunity til the injury bug hits somewhere, but he is a quality player that could really help a team with the right system.  He is by far a franchise quarterback at his age but he has the starting experience and can hold down an offense.  he was the Pioneers starter before the youth movement began and has been waiting for a year to get back into the RFL.  Hopefully this is the year he makes it back on a roster.

3. John Waltin, Wide Receiver (age 23, 78 ovr, AFC)-

John should be a quality starting receiver in the RFL.  He is a very consistent route runner at all levels of the field, can make defenders miss and has the speed to get down field and beat the safeties .  Waltin can also be used as a kick and punt returner for a team which adds to his value even more, there is no reason at 23 years old that he should be available in free agency.


2. Marty Ryan, Tight End (age 27, 84 ovr, AFC)-

Ryan was part of a pretty deep tight end core for the Armadillos.  When he hit free agency it seemed like the market would be huge but it didnt turn out that way.  He is a very talented player who can do what is expected of him on a consistent basis and his a well rounded receiving threat that deserves to be on an RFL roster.


1. Andre Tomlinson, Running Back (age 27, 84 ovr, AFC)-

Poor Andre.  A new regime brought changes to the Cougars organization and one of those changes was bringing in Denard Locker.  While he was replaced in Chicago, some seem to forget that he is still only 27 and in his prime.  He is easily good enough to be a part of any running back stable in the league and could probably start for half of them... as I've said before, he would look great in a Pioneers uniform.